PIL Spring Session Week 2 – The Salvation Army

On February 26th we welcomed, Dan Miller, Head the Public Relations and Development Department of the Salvation Army, who is an interesting and engaging speaker.He gave an excellent talk, videos  and slide show, sharing a great deal of information about ALL of the incredible services that are offered to the residents of the City of Hamilton and answered the many questions which were asked.The breadth of the services offered by the Salvation Army is nothing short of amazing.

He began with relating that the Salvation Army was formed in England in 1865, and is now in 131 countries around the world.His role sees him responsible for a large area of Ontario, but he focussed his attention on Hamilton.We learned of many aspects of the work of the Salvation Army, and in a table of contents listed in a booklet, which he brought for each of us, there are 8 areas of service including Women and Youth, Community and Family services, Suicide Prevention, to name just three of them.

Each of these areas, or ministries, expand to cover many aspects within their title. There are volunteer opportunities available in many different roles.

It was a pleasure to have him and his assistant Alexis visit with us. A sincere Thank you to them both.

For more information on this incredible organization, call 905-521-1660.

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