PIL Spring Session Week 3 – Safety in the Home

A very informative talk on the extensive role of the Fire Prevention Division was given by Fire Department officials, Mark Spelic and Kelli O ‘Connor.

Various types of dwellings, eg. houses, apartments, renting or owning, the requirements needed for each type of dwelling and whose responsibility it is to maintain fire alarms etc. were discussed.

We viewed a video demonstrating how fast and extensive a house fire can spread and then discussed appropriate actions we need to be aware of.

Just three, from many important aspects which most people may not have even considered are;
1. Plan your escape, know where your exit is from every room of your home
2. Practice an escape plan particularly if you have a family.
3. Keep walkways clear of items so that firemen can have access.

Many questions were asked and answered leaving us all a lot more knowledgable.

Pamphlets were also provided for us to share wth others too, so that important information could be distributed.

For more information from this DepartmentPhone 905-546-2424. Ext. 1380
Email: fire_department@hamilton.ca
Website: www.hamilton.ca/Fire
Emergency 911

Sincere thanks to our speakers, Mark and Kelli.

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