PIL Fall Session 2019 Week 2

Our visit to the Hamilton Mountain  Mosque on Stonechurch Road was truly enlightening.We were greeted by Imam Sayed Tora who made us feel most welcome. We began with an icebreaker, a fun quiz with various questions related to the Muslim Faith in Canada and also tested what knowledge we had of the Muslim Faith and the Quran.His interesting presentation about the Mosque and its functioning, followed along with all of our many questions being answered, and then we were taken on a tour of the building itself.It was a joy to be in his company and to be learning so much. It was very insightful and demonstrated to us that we really need to continue to learn about each other’s religions and cultures. We need to remove the barriers that create misunderstandings and divisions.We truly appreciated spending time with the Imam and being welcomed into his community.

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