Going Green in the Neighborhood

This presentation began with a quiz to see how much we knew about the United Nations and the UNA.

The 17 sustainable goals that they promote led us to our topic, #13, which is Climate Action which is a part of the living green challenge.

Living green means: Making lifestyle decisions and engaging in practices which reduce negative impact on, and promote the health of the planet.

We had lots of lively discussion and sharing of ideas and concerns amongst which were;

Transportation, trucks etc.
Buy locally whenever possible.
Grow your own food, shop local markets.
Freeze or can produce for the winter months.
Eat less beefRead packaging both for content and origin.
Use “own” shopping bags.
Avoid styrofoam and other single use paper and plastic products. E.g. coffee cups.
Reuse, reuse, reuse!

We explored the cost of bottled water, which is astronomical!

We need to create a different culture, a culture of awareness, by educating ourselves and being aware of our actions.

“If you do nothing you are part of the problem!”

Our next three meeting dates are March 10, April 14, May 12.Various topics are being considered, so please feel free to share your ideas too.

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