PIL Spring Session Week 5 – About Ottawa Street

The weather wasn’t quite warm enough for a stroll about Ottawa Street, so instead Rev. Doug Moore led us on an expedition, back in time, and had the group imagining the area in 1900.

It was a very large swamp! And so the story of Ottawa Street began….there was no Burlington Street or any industry. Barton Street was by the lake!

Overtime, part of the area was filled with slag and a pier was built at Crown Point, ships arrived from England with cloth, horse-drawn carriages made their way to the Racetrack, which the flat land proved ideal, so roads were needed.

Then a farmer’s market and the area began to bustle. Still a time of sailing ships so sails were made, rope etc, required for shipping and the trade also brought immigrants who settled, worked locally, built small homes, and built their churches.

Main Street was the toll road from Niagara.

Later the flat land was useful for an airport at Pakdale.

And the history of the “how and why” of Laidlaw Church will have to wait until another day….

Very, very, interesting and enjoyable!

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