PiL Spring Session Week 1 – VON Hamilton

For our first week we welcomed Nicole Dowson of the VON Hamilton, who gave a very comprehensive list of the many wonderful and caring services offered by this organization.Their title maybe, Victorian Order of Nurses, but the services they offer go way beyond nursing care, looking at the after care of many people during their recovery and address the difficulties which maybe encountered during that time.Plus there are many service offered for both seniors and adults living with disabilities,  and others who may benefit from their assistance.These services include home care, personal support, day care,….too many to list here.

Another aspect which Nicole spoke about was the opportunity to volunteer for home visits, meals on wheels, drivers for appointments, telephone contacts etc.
They also offer a programme, a four part education series, for Caregivers to gain information on how best to care for the individual who is in need of their care.

So much information and from such a dedicated individual who obviously enjoys her role in being of assistance to those in need of these services.Thank you Nicole for you enthusiasm and sharing.

For more information VON Hamilton call 905-522-0053

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