Fall Session #3 – Tony Lemma

Thank you to Tony Lemma for a very enlightening perspective on a vision of the future growth of Hamilton.

He began with relating the story of the Roosevelt’s, Eleanor and Franklin. They had their share of trials and hardships which only served to make them more resilient and determined. Eleanor persuaded Franklin to remain in politics after a paralytic illness.

His failures and successes were part of a remarkable journey both for him and for Eleanor in making significant changes during their lifetime.

Their story prompted conversation on the roles that we can play in change now, by having meaningful conversations, learning to listen, being an active part of a neighbourhood, being a collaborator in promoting community, and striving for a sense of solidarity.

Issues relevant today were discussed, e.g. Cost of rental accommodation, the vicious cycle of poverty, isolationist problems within a city, education lacking social and emotional skills, lack of community space in developing areas.

It was acknowledged that an example of community is within church communities.

The idea of “A life size city” would place greater value on community, space and people.

Tony, who is a candidate in the upcoming election, explained he has been taking a different approach, asking people “Tell me what matters” to you.

His philosophy is that people would, in effect, be his boss and he would serve then by endeavouring to tackle their issues.

It was a very informative session and I thank not only Tony but the participants too for their sincere involvement.

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