Waging Peace in Hamilton – Our Last Zoom Spring Session!

We held our last evening of our spring Partners in Learning session, when we welcomed Dr. Anne Pearson to speak about the history of peace-making in Hamilton. This history is described in the book “Waging Peace in Hamilton: 1960-2017”. The book records the many groups that have made peace-building in Hamilton a priority. She is … Read more

Our First PIL Zoom

Hello everyone, Olga here from Partners in Learning Hamilton (PILH). We conducted our first Zoom PILH group on Thursday, March 3 evening. The topic of discussion was “The Plus Side of Covid”. Unfortunately, we had a few technical difficulties and not many people were in attendance, but we were still able to have a lively … Read more

March Session – Gender

Presented by Rev. Doug Moore The UN sustainable goal #5 Gender Equality focuses on empowering women and girls, with example, equal access to education etc. They state equality is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Gender? One dictionary definition of gender refers to male or female. … Read more