April Spring Session #4 – The House Purger

This week, the last in this session, was another valuable sharing of information, this time from Lynda Hykin, The House Purger.

Linda shared information on her interest in helping people who face, not only the physical challenge in de-cluttering, but also the emotional challenge that may accompany making such a decision and carrying it out.

Some clients who request help are those who may need to downsize, seniors who need to move into a different lifestyle setting and people who find themselves having to clear out their parents possessions. (A very difficult and emotional task!)

For some, it is not just about the physical aspect of boxing up items, having realized they own too many, but letting go of them may provoke memories associated with the item, which then makes it more difficult.

For some hoarders it is their way of life and brings them comfort to own whatever they have. What may appear as junk, excess etc. to an outsider is considered valuable in many different aspects to a hoarder.

Various different mindsets and challenges were considered.

A handout of many useful tips, ideas, etc. was available to help one get started.
For more information please contact Lynda at

A new session will be planned for the Fall and any ideas of topics which could be included are most welcome.

A sincere Thank you to each of our presenters and to our participants. We value the opportunity to learn and share knowledge.
We are Partners in Learning

Sheila and Olga

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