April Spring Session #3 – Crown Point Garden Club

Thank you to our extremely knowledgable speaker today, Bev, from the Crown Point Garden Club.
Bev is a Master gardener who is happy to share her passion with others.

She, and the garden club members, have a keen interest in beautifying the neighbourhood and will be happy to advise neighbours who request their assistance.

She shared news of the many and varied projects that the club has worked on and is responsible for, and news of their future plans around Crown Point neighbourhood. Anyone who is interested is most welcome to join them, no experience necessary.

Many other aspects of gardens, events and learning opportunities were talked about including, native plants, and maintaining a habitat suitable for wildlife to survive, which are a particular concern.

On Saturday May 26, from 10.00 – 3.00 there will be a plant sale at 92 Ottawa Street, near Dunsmure.

If you would like to know more:
Website: Crownpointgardens.wordpress.com
Email: Crownpoint.gardens@gmail.com
Telephone: 289-788-1345

Next week, May 3rd, we have the House Purger! Be prepared to de-clutter your home.

On Monday May 7th, at 10.00, we will take part in a yoga class, (pay by donation) at Fine Feather Studio, Ottawa Street, with a question and answer session following the class.

All are welcome.

If there is a particular topic that you would like to explore, or, if you would like to share a topic that you are interested in sharing, then please let us know.


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