Who are the Partners in Learning?

We’re an active group of citizens interested in conversations that go beyond the regular hello-how-do-you-dos and hows-the-weathers. A Socratic cafe with a penchant for field trips!

We originated in 2017 as a Crown Point community group, meeting weekly during our series at our charitable partner, Laidlaw Memorial Church. Partners in Learning was developed originally in Grand Bend, ON, where it continues to enjoy an active membership 15 years later! Sheila, an active member of the Grand Bend group wanted to develop something here in Hamilton, as a new resident to the city. Together, through the Hamilton Community Foundation’s Neighbourhood Leadership Institute, Sheila met Olga, developed a plan and implemented the idea in the summer of 2017. It has been providing twice yearly series of conversations and field trips since then.

Partners in Learning Hamilton was created in 2017 by a former member of the original Grand Bend, ON Partners in Learning group. Grand Bend’s Partners in Learning was founded in 2005 and continues to serve as a model of self-directed learning in the Grand Bend community.

Partners in Learning is a charitable partner of Laidlaw Memorial Church.

The project was incubated in the Neighbourhood Leadership Institute, provided by Hamilton Community Foundation.